Last blues of summer

I haven’t had a chance to get out and shoot much these past few weeks and the weather has turned quickly. The fury of Fall season is upon us in Seattle, with booming thunderstorms and sheets of rain. Days are bit greyer out and colors pop a bit less. More noticeably, the blue skies of summer are seen less and less.

Here’s a shot from my Holga 120PAN at the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge.



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3 thoughts on “Last blues of summer

  1. But, gawd, those thunderstorms were FANTASTIC, weren’t they?

    We’re heading down to Rainier next weekend; hopefully the weather will clear up, and everything I’ve heard about the fall wildflowers will be true.

      • Newp. We had some work-related stuff in Puyallup earlier in the week, and the day we got down there they announced the shutdown. We still went to the general area of Rainer for the weekend though; spent the time exploring Lewis County and looking at Mount Adams.

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