Those shades of blue

I finally got organized enough to send a box of Kodak Ektar 4×5 sheets to Citizen’s Photo in Portland and was rewarded with a very quick turnaround and some lovely new images.

Here is one of the first scans I made of the blue, blue skies at Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge just south of Seattle. I timed my visit so I could experience the walkways during high tide and the trip did not disappoint. The entire area was covered in 12-13 inches of water, amazing. We’re so lucky in the PNW to have both the mountains and the sea to provide us with these sights.

Blue skies over Nisqually

Blue skies over Nisqually

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5 thoughts on “Those shades of blue

  1. Lovely blues! Glad to hear you’re a customer of Citizen’s. I just kinda stumbled upon then a few months back and have been gladly making the 20-minute or so drive to their business with my bags of film. They’re good people.

    • Yes I’m so glad I found Citizen’s! My local lab is wonderful and I hate to take business out of the PNW but when I started shooting C-41 4×5 sheets I couldn’t find anyone in Seattle. So I did some research and found Citizen’s and they’re so reasonably priced, I sent all my Ektar their way. When I visit Portland soon I can’t wait to drop by.

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