Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day – Onboard the Arthur Foss

On April 28, 2013 some pinhole friends and I got together to celebrate Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, a global event that continues to grow year over year. I can personally attest to the surprising growth of pinhole photography in my corner of the world in Seattle. Last year for WPPD 2012 I met with the only two local pinhole photographers that I knew of and we took some pictures around the Ballard Locks. I didn’t have a pinhole camera yet so I used my Diana F+ with that janky long exposure rig. It was an awful setup, but sufficient for the day.

This year, there were six of us and most had at least 2 or more pinhole cameras. It’s funny how each camera has it’s unique quirks so that one pinhole camera is not enough. Great to see other photographers picking up the pinhole camera and embracing its aesthetics.

For WPPD 2013 we started at Olympic Sculpture Park, strolled around for a bit, found some beer then headed for Lake Union Park. At the Northwest Seaport Maritime Heritage Center we climbed on board the Arthur Foss, a wooden-hulled tugboat famous for appearing in the 1933 MGM movie Tugboat Annie. What made the trip even more special was a guide on the vessel who was an avid pinhole photographer! I was greeted with, “Hello, I like your pinhole camera!” as I approached the tugboat.

The boat was still covered in white tarp but I was allowed to walk freely through the cabins, the sleeping quarters, the deck and the galley with my tripod and pinhole cameras. Here are some 4×5’s from the trip. Enjoy!



arthur foss_deck


The Arthur Foss

The Arthur Foss

arthur foss_galley


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5 thoughts on “Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day – Onboard the Arthur Foss

  1. The first photo has a feeling that you are venturing into another dimension with the sky all blown out (thinking of a boat flying through space), beautiful job Jana.

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