First attempts at pinhole portraits

I’ve been following a few Facebook groups focused on Pictoralism, the photographic movement from the 1880’s until the 1930’s and especially enjoy the early work of Imogen Cunningham. Imogen was born in 1883 in Portland, Oregon and grew up right here in Seattle, Washington. One of my favorite Imogen Cunningham images is Veiled Woman.

I haven’t done a lot of portrait work, but I find the Pictorialism style inspiring. My friend graciously agreed to pose for me so we went to Goodwill, picked up some material and headed out to Lincoln Park in West Seattle.

Here are a few images taken with my Bob Rigby 4×5 from this first attempt.







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9 thoughts on “First attempts at pinhole portraits

  1. Wonderful results! Thanks for the lesson and information about the movement Jana :) Shall be reading more on this. My favourite is the second one. Wonderfully composed and love the sense of movement in it.

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