Visiting Olympia and my state capitol

So is it State Capitol or State Capital? I’m sure my mother (if she reads this blog) will be sending me an email immediately to correct me. As luck would have it, a friend on Google Talk just sent me this link from Grammarist. Capitol it is, then.

Sunday was an unusually bright and beautiful day in Washington State so a few of us took a quick trip down to Olympia, WA to see the State Capitol. They have an interactive online tour of the building here and guided tours at the capitol during visiting hours.

The building just completed an extensive cleaning process so it was a great time for me to visit the capitol. This was really a spectacular place, filled with Tiffany chandeliers, giant sculptures and Alaskan marble. For weights, materials and comparison data, the state has some valuable information on their government site. What was most surprising for me to learn, as a Washington State resident, was the fact that the capitol is supported by our state lumber industry and not my tax dollars.

I had some issues once again with loose rolls in my Zero Image, but a friend believes he has a solution for me. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Washington State Capitol Olympia, WA

Capitol interior

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4 thoughts on “Visiting Olympia and my state capitol

  1. Beautiful building! The interior image is really stunning!
    I hope you can solve your problem with loose rolls soon, it’s very difficult and worrying when the camera isn’t working properly. And I guess service points doesn’t grow everywhere either….

    I’m still waiting for my Zero. Got an update two days ago, then it was due to leave Hong Kong, then to UK, and then to me…. Gah….. So if I’m “lucky” I will get it late next week…
    But I guess it’s worth waiting for….. ;-)

  2. Love these shots and they make me realize I need to make time to stop at the capitol when I head up to Seattle. Are you using a tripod and if so, do you get any problems with security people?
    As for the loose roll problem: the metal clip on the film take up side of your camera: bend it a little so that it wraps tighter against the spool. A friend of mine was having the same problem and I thought it was the way she was loading her film. So I loaded it and still she got a loose roll. Then we looked inside mine and noticed my metal clip was bent slightly so we bent hers and she no longer has loose rolls. Hope this helps.

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