Driving home after Thanksgiving

Zero Image 6×9 / Ilford HP5+ (pushed 1 stop) / Rodinal (1-25) 8 min

Holiday season is officially upon us which means lots and lot of quality time spent in the car. But if you’re a long exposure junkie like me, that’s never a problem. All this time in a moving vehicle presents some wonderful pinhole opportunities. I had some bungee cord and used it to secure the Zero Image to the headrest on my passenger seat.

My favorite part of this image is the reflection in the passenger side mirror. You can see the streaks of light reflected off the glass window and doors. I’d like to figure out a way to capture that a bit more. I’m going to assume the same streaks are on the hood of the vehicle and that would be easier to shoot, if not safer.

Hope you’re having a great weekend and mahalo!

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9 thoughts on “Driving home after Thanksgiving

    • Yep, this is making my head spin with other ideas. Turns out the car doors don’t reflect the light, but the glass windows do which should make for some interesting opportunities.

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