Restless and homebound

Zero Image 6×9 / Ilford HP5+ / Rodinal (1-25) 6min

It’s been raining in Seattle. You’re stunned aren’t you? As it turns out, on Monday, November 19 we had record breaking rainfall in the city and I had a heck of a water taxi ride returning home.

When the rain is this heavy out, I very rarely venture out with my camera and start looking for odd projects in my home. Sometimes I play with forks and make abstract shapes. Today, since I was at home recovering from my dental implant procedure, I decided to play with some aluminum foil. I like to create interesting shapes from everyday things. It’s challenging and makes me look at ordinary objects in extraordinary new ways.

For these foil shots, I tore sheets of foil, crumpled them a tad and laid them out on my floor. I believe I could make the edges sharper by pulling the Zero Image back a bit more. I also believe this would be the first layer of a concept I am working out. First steps first.

I would like your input on these two images. Is the black space preferred or not?

Take care, be safe, and mahalo.

Update (15 minutes later) : I’ve decided I don’t like the foil after all. There are better materials that lend themselves to pinhole imagery.

Zero Image 6×9 / Ilford HP5+ / Rodinal (1-25) 6min

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6 thoughts on “Restless and homebound

  1. I’d say the black space in the second image detracts, leading the viewers eye away from the intended subject matter. Where as in the first image my eyes enjoy exploring the different tones and textures of the foil.

  2. I agree with jsod. The first image is all about the subject, and it’s an inviting photograph. The second one is cool, too. However, it’s appealing in a different way. It looks more like an alien landscape : )

  3. I have to say that my imagination start working much better on the second image. The first one makes me more confused. But I think it’s more about what your intention with the image is.
    But for just me, I believe a bit more in some negative space, it defines the object in a appealing and inviting way.
    It’s really frustrating to be indoors with pain and a creative itch, isn’t it…. Gah, I hate that…
    Wish you a better day today! :-)

  4. I find it an interesting experiment; working/playing with different materials and situations it helps a lot to learn on your abilities and the handle of the camera/film/lighting.

  5. How funny! I played around shooting insects on foil in macro a couple of years ago, and I didn’t like the foil either. It seems like it should be more photogenic than it is.

    Visually of these two, I’m with jsod on the black space, but I think the foil is more interesting in the second image — the texture looks like cellophane.

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