Seattle: Land of Pinhole Opportunity

When you live in this great City of Seattle, you learn how to navigate the very bizarre network of public transportation options that criss cross in a tangled mess around the city. There are busses, trolleys, trains, water taxis, ferries, monorails and light rails, most of which intersect in the heart of Downtown Seattle. If it sounds confusing and complicated – well, it is. What I love about all these options, however, is that each mode of transportation presents incredible pinhole opportunities. I guess you could call me a pinhole opportunist.

But remembering to make an exposure is not always easy. After a hectic day at work, I spend most of my time on the bus or water taxi listening to music and trying to relax as I head back home to prepare for the evening. It’s difficult for me to find that creative impulse that helps me focus while I consider making an exposure. I suppose that’s the nature of my pinhole photography. It’s not spontaneous or sudden at all and often it’s hard for me to concentrate when too many people are around. It’s a very solitary venture and that suits me.

As a solitary pinhole photographer, I am fortunate to have many photographer friends who take me on day trips and indulge my odd pinhole experimentation. Most of my experimental rolls are from day trips in a car or on board the West Seattle Water Taxi. After my first water taxi shot I was inspired to play with movement and transportation so I’m posting a few of these scans below. Though I like these shots, I would not say they are successful. My successful shot is yet to be developed. I like where these images are taking me, however, and I hope you enjoy them too. Mahalo!


Metro 554


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2 thoughts on “Seattle: Land of Pinhole Opportunity

  1. I think these ones are truly FANTASTIC Jana! I’m so fascinated with your pinhole images, they have a very strong feeling of eternity moment. I think it is because your “objects” are still, with the world is rushing past…. You are very talented and a great inspiration to me. Can’t wait for more… ;-)

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