Posted in November 2012

Pinhole experiments at Sun Ya

Pinhole experiments at Sun Ya

My friend Espresso Buzz wanted to get dim sum one Saturday, so we headed out for Sun Ya. I wanted to experiment with the lazy susans that are on the larger tables and voila! I have to admit, I am loving these long exposures. Happy shooting this weekend everyone, I look forward to seeing your … Continue reading

Visiting Olympia and my state capitol

So is it State Capitol or State Capital? I’m sure my mother (if she reads this blog) will be sending me an email immediately to correct me. As luck would have it, a friend on Google Talk just sent me this link from Grammarist. Capitol it is, then. Sunday was an unusually bright and beautiful … Continue reading

Driving home after Thanksgiving

Holiday season is officially upon us which means lots and lot of quality time spent in the car. But if you’re a long exposure junkie like me, that’s never a problem. All this time in a moving vehicle presents some wonderful pinhole opportunities. I had some bungee cord and used it to secure the Zero … Continue reading

Restless and homebound

It’s been raining in Seattle. You’re stunned aren’t you? As it turns out, on Monday, November 19 we had record breaking rainfall in the city and I had a heck of a water taxi ride returning home. When the rain is this heavy out, I very rarely venture out with my camera and start looking … Continue reading

Seattle: Land of Pinhole Opportunity

When you live in this great City of Seattle, you learn how to navigate the very bizarre network of public transportation options that criss cross in a tangled mess around the city. There are busses, trolleys, trains, water taxis, ferries, monorails and light rails, most of which intersect in the heart of Downtown Seattle. If … Continue reading

The emerald in my emerald city

The emerald in my emerald city

I tend to think of myself as a black and white photographer. My photo classes were all in black and white and I learned how to shoot, develop and print black and white film. When the weather is right in Seattle and the colors start to pop, I like to shoot a few rolls of … Continue reading

Deep shadows along Seacrest Park

My daily commute is by Water Taxi, a small catamaran that picks up passengers at Seacrest Park in West Seattle and crosses Elliot Bay to downtown Seattle. I admit I feel like a typical Seattleite when I take the water taxi to work, usually with a Starbucks in my hand, but it’s a great way … Continue reading