Posted in October 2012

More autumn colors on expired film

Just a quick post today as it’s been a busy start to the week. I had these scanned in and just couldn’t wait to share the following images. These are also from the roll of expired Fuji Sensia 100 that started with the shattered filter which I posted about yesterday. Most of these were shot … Continue reading

Playing around with expired film

A few scans from a roll of expired Agfachrome 200 which expired in 2004. I used my Nikon F3, under-exposed by 1/3 stop and had Panda Labs develop the roll. The actual negatives are severely overexposed and everything went to purple. I converted the images to black and white and bumped the levels and contrast … Continue reading

Prayers on the road to pinhole salvation

I had noticed the occasional loose roll when loading and re-loading my Zero Image but didn’t think much of it as I quickly tightened the roll and tucked it into the dark recesses of my camera bag. They weren’t terrible, just loose enough where the edge of the film went beyond the protection of the … Continue reading

A few more succulents from this weekend

I scanned these in a few days ago, but have been too busy or too tired to update the blog this week. I can’t believe it’s Thursday already! I have a few rolls I’m picking up from the lab today, but wanted to share a few more shots from my weekend trip through the Capitol … Continue reading

Finding the abstract in everyday things

Finding the abstract in everyday things

I have a confession to make. I love macro photography. One of the challenges that pushed me to pick up a camera was the idea of playing with unique perspectives of everyday things. Although I’ve tried shooting nature shots, I’m not interested in shooting macros of bees or butterflies. Instead, I like to get in … Continue reading

A few more takes from the water taxi

Now that the rains are upon us, I think I’ll be experimenting from within the water taxi but I had a few scans to post so I’m putting them together here. That gentleman on the left of the frame with sneakers happens to be in a lot of the pictures I take from that vantage … Continue reading