Posted in September 2012

Accidental double exposures

No, that is not a gigantic Holga camera with a human-sized Dalek sitting on a hilltop at Greenlake Park. This is an example of the silly double exposures I get when I forget to advance the roll after exposing a frame. One of the hardest things about a manual pinhole camera like the Zero Image … Continue reading

Overcast skies return to Seattle

The skies in Seattle have returned to their usual grey, overcast state and I am glad to see it. I would love to see more interesting clouds but I like the diffused light of the sun and the cool temperatures of fall. I took the Zero Image on a quick spin through Greenlake Park last … Continue reading

Capturing the Space Needle through a pinhole

The Space Needle is possibly the most iconic landmark within the city of Seattle besides Pike Place Market, our ferry systems and the ever present cup of Starbucks coffee. Like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Empire State building in New York City or the Tower of London in London, it has been photographed over … Continue reading

What is pinhole photography?

It seems simple enough. Pinhole cameras capture light through a tiny aperture in a light-tight box to create an image on film or paper. It’s one of the first questions I typically get from passers-by as I stand waiting beside my pinhole box while the film inside is exposing. It’s also one of the earliest … Continue reading

Pinholes and a moment of pure luck

Zero Image 6×9/ Kodak TMax 100/ Exposure time: 23 sec/ Rodinal (1-25) 5:30 This was one of those lucky moments during the first week of owning my Zero Image camera. I wasn’t quite sure how to frame an image yet and was awkwardly setting it up on the seat next to me on the West … Continue reading

A quick post on pinhole photography

This year I picked up a Zero Image 6×9 and fully realized the style of photography I want to produce. The deceptive simplicity of this camera – a box with no lens – and the quality of imagery it creates continually inspires my curiosity. Pinhole images capture extraordinary details while retaining their unique, soft focus … Continue reading